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Containers BOSH Release

This BOSH release lets you run any number of containers, on a per-VM basis. This allows you to bring Dockerized workloads (with OCI-compliant images) to BOSH, with the lifecycle you've come to know and love.

For more information, read Putting Docker Compose on top of BOSH (or: I May Never Write Another BOSH Release Again).

The Jumpbox Option

This release also contains a peculiar little job called jumpbox, that allows you to colocate users with SSH keys, who will then be placed inside of a container image of their choosing when they log in. See the following manifests for complete examples of a variety of different scenarios:

  • manifests/jumpbox.yml - A simple jumpbox with one user. Great for personal use!

  • manifest/jumpbox-shared.yml - A jumpbox with several users that share a common group (staff).

  • manifest/jumpbox-teams.yml - A jumpbox with several people in a handful of different teams. People on the same team will be able to share files (or at least their group memberships allow it.)

  • manifest/jumpbox-volumes.yml - A jumpbox with a shared volume, a read-only filesystem mount, and a tmpfs-backed scratch space, to show off volume support.