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Web based nostr address (NIP-05) provider service.

Users can enter their exisiting lightning address when registering and then use their nostr address as lightning address.


The project is a website built with Astro.
By default it is hosted on Vercel and uses a MongoDB backend.
Both Vercel & MongoDB offer free plans which should be sufficient to run this.
You will still need a domain name if you want to offer this service on a TLD, though.



  1. Fork this repository


  1. Sign up or login with Vercel and add the forked repo as a project.
  2. Go to Settings -> Domains and set up your domain name with Vercel
  3. Go to Settings -> Integrations
    Add the MongoDB Atlas integration on Vercel and create your cluster (see MongoDB below)
  4. Go to Settings -> Environment Variables and check if the MONGODB_URI has been added. This variable is needed to connect to the database.


  1. When asked Where would you like to connect from? during setup, choose Cloud Environment, then IP Access List and add to allow access from everywhere.

  2. Select your cluster, open the tab Collections and choose Add My Own Data. Enter users as database name, registered as collection name and create the database.
    If you want to choose different names, you can do so. In this case, update the corresponding values in site.config.ts (see Final touches below).

Final touches

  1. Edit site.config.ts and set your domain, slogan and donation LNURL
  2. Commit & push
  3. Watch Vercel doing magic (don't blink, they are fast)
  4. Enjoy your new nostr address service
  5. Announce it on nostr!


Basic tools for importing and exporting are included.
Check the README for more information.


Everything is by Astro standards.

To run the page locally, you'll have to create a file called .env in the project root and add your MongoDB connection string:

MONGODB_URI="mongodb+srv://<your connection link>"

You can get your connection link from MongoDB and/or Vercel.

To start the local server, run:

node run dev

For more, check the Astro docs.


Reaching out

Questions, comments, complaints? Hit me up on nostr: