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gLabels Label Designer

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Build Status

What is gLabels-qt?

gLabels-qt is the development version of the next major version of gLabels (4.0).

What's new in gLabels 4?

  • Based on the Qt5 framework.
  • Updated UI based on typical workflows.
  • Intended to be a cross-platform application.
    • So far, it has been built and tested under Linux, Windows 7, and Windows 10. (Windows testing is still very intermittent.)


gLabels-qt has been under off-and-on development for several years. It is still missing several features to bring it in parity with glabels-3.4. These include

  • Compatability with older glabels project files
  • An online manual


Latest Release

There are currently no official releases of gLabels 4.

Continuous Integration Snapshots

Continuous integration snapshots are not official releases. These snapshots represent the latest bleading-edge development (unstable) code. Please, DO NOT use it in a production environment. Do not expect compatability or consistency of features between snapshots.

Platform Files
Linux x86_64 AppImage: Download, make it executable, and run! glabels-continuous-x86_64.AppImage
Source Code TAR.GZ continuous.tar.gz
Source Code ZIP

Build Instructions

Help Needed

  • Help is needed to add support to build and package glabels for various platforms and packaging systems. These include

    • Windows (VisualStudio)
    • Windows (MINGW)
    • Mac
    • Linux (flatpak)
    • Linux (snap)
  • Help is needed writing online documentation.

  • Help is needed writing translations.

  • Suggestions.

  • For code contributions, see docs/