Example of an R project using wercker
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Setup a new Application on Wercker

  • Goto https://app.wercker.com/#applications/create
  • Step 4. Click wercker will checkout the code without using an SSH key
  • Step 5. Ignore Step 5
  • Step 6. If an open source project click 'Make my app public'
  • Create
  • Goto Settings
    • Scroll down to Infrastructure Stack
    • Select Ewok (5) from the dropdown.

Code coverage reports with Codecov

  • Add the new repository
  • Copy your Codecov token (can be found later from Features -> Reveal repo token)
  • In Wercker settings Add new variable.
    • Value: paste the token value
    • Check protected
    • Save


The wercker.yml in this repository will automatically do the following.

  • Retrieve all dependencies for your package
  • Build and Check your package
  • Run lintr
  • Run covr and upload results to Codecov.

If you do not want one or more of the above simply remove that step from the file.

For more information on available options for each step see their pages on the Wercker Registry.

The base image for this file is rocker/hadleyverse which contains a number of common packages. For optimum build time and storage size you are encouraged to create a custom docker container containing only the dependencies for your package.