SassMe: Real-time manipulation and visualization of Sass color functions
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Screenshot of Sassme

Dynamically view the output of Sass HSL color functions in the browser. The following Sass HSL functions are available for manipulation:


Project is built with React and based on Facebook’s officially supported react-create-app package. There are two relevant commands for local development:

  1. npm run start - This will start the javascript development server using scripts from react-create-app.
  2. npm run css:watch - If you’re going to be editing the CSS, make sure you run this command in a separate terminal window. This runs Sass, watches for CSS changes, and recompiles them to src/index.css. The development server will detect any changes to that file and recompile as necessary.


Site is hosted on Github pages. gh-pages is the active build being hosted. master branch reflects current state of code.

  1. npm run build - Creates a new folder build in the project root that contains the entire project (controlled by react-create-app)
  2. ./ - Deploys the build folder to the gh-pages branch.


This project was originally conceived and built at Arc90. When first deployed, it lived on the web at and the original codebase was hosted under Arc90’s Github account at arc90/sass-color-picker. However, due to organization conflicts, that repo is no longer maintained. This is now the official successor.

Many thanks to those who helped build v1.0 of SassMe:

 ____                                      __     
/\  _`\                                   /\ \    
\ \,\L\_\     __      ____    ____  __  __\ \ \   
 \/_\__ \   /'__`\   /',__\  /',__\/\ \/\ \\ \ \  
   /\ \L\ \/\ \L\.\_/\__, `\/\__, `\ \ \_\ \\ \_\
   \ `\____\ \__/.\_\/\____/\/\____/\/`____ \\/\_\
    \/_____/\/__/\/_/\/___/  \/___/  `/___/> \\/_/