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Modified for 0.8.2_RELEASE

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1 parent 5bf1504 commit fbcc5a70a79966636dd410f05afe4ced4544e0d7 @jj1bdx committed May 28, 2012
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# sfmt-erlang: SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister (SFMT) for Erlang
-* Version 0.8.1_RELEASE 25-MAY-2012
+* Version 0.8.2_RELEASE 28-MAY-2012
* Edited and written by Kenji Rikitake (Kyoto University)
* Email contact: <>
@@ -26,9 +26,9 @@ See <>
* new module sfmt86243 added (from 0.6.1_BETA)
* Pure SFMT module now added as working code by request (from 0.8.0_RELEASE)
-## Note: seeding algorithm changed for `seed(integer())` functions
+## Seeding algorithm changed for `seed(integer())` functions
-* The old `seed/1` function calls `init_gen_rand/1` (up to 0.8.0_RELEASE)
+* The old `seed/1` function called `init_gen_rand/1` (up to 0.8.0_RELEASE)
* The internal state generated by `init_gen_rand/1` is predictable,
especially when the value of the 1st element of the state list is
very close to the given seed value.
@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ See <>
## Notable bugfixes
+* `gen_rand_all/1` is now properly applied in `sfmt_pure` module when `gen_rand32/1` was first invoked (from 0.8.2_RELEASE)
* Catched up with the latest rebar configuration file (from 0.7.0_RELEASE)
* Dynamically building ebin/ (from 0.7.0_RELEASE)
* PDIC_SEED now named differently for each period (bugfix, from 0.5.2_RELEASE)
@@ -78,6 +79,8 @@ See <>
* FreeBSD/amd64 9.0-STABLE with Erlang/OTP R15B01
* FreeBSD/i386 8.3-RELEASE with Erlang/OTP R15B01
+* RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 of x86_64 with Erlang/OTP R15B01
+ (Subsystem B of the Kyoto University ACCMS Supercomputer System)
## Building

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