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Command-line parsing library code with two small bugs
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Perl challenge

Welcome to the InsideSales Perl challenge! We expect an experienced Perl developer to take ~ 2 hours to finish the challenge: 45 minutes or so for the first part, and 60-90 minutes for the second part.

Challenge part 1

The command-line parsing library code in this repo contains two bugs, explained below. Fix both of them in separate commits to your local insidesales_challenge repo.

Bug 1: Help output is unstable in certain circumstances

If you run Getopt/t/nounverb.t multiple times, test 24 ("missing required parameter helptext correct") will fail about 50% of the time.

Note - on certain distros, particularly on Windows, this test may consistently pass or fail 100% of the time. Extra credit: why?

Update to ensure the help output matches the expected output.

Bug 2: You cannot provide a command-line value of "0" for options with a defined truthy value

If you try, the option will retain its default value instead of the '0' provided on the command line

See Getopt/t/resolved.t test #3 ("falsey value (0) overrides default truthy value (push 0)")

Challenge part 2 / I'm done with part 1, now what?

The second part of the challenge is writing a script to upload your updated repo to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) so we can see your results.

Contact and provide us with an AWS username you control. You can find your "Canonical User Id" in the "Account Identifiers" section of the "Security Credentials" page of the AWS Console.

We will respond by creating an S3 bucket and giving you read/write access to it.

Then, write a script using Getopt::NounVerb that supports the following operations:

  • Upload a file to a bucket
  • Delete a file from a bucket
  • List files in a bucket

The bucket, access keys, AWS region, and file (where appropriate) should all be Getopt::NounVerb parameters.

Other requirements:
  • Your script should detect .zip files and set the Content-Type accordingly.
  • When uploading files, give the bucket owner full permission.

For S3 interactions, use this AWS-provided perl library:
Once your script is complete & tested:
  1. Add it to your local insidesales_challenge repo and commit it
  2. Zip up the entire repo.
  3. Use the script to upload the resulting zip file to the bucket we've shared with you.
  4. Email us to let us know you are done!

Have fun! If you get stuck, let us know.

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