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Secondary scale axis

Jonas Gehring edited this page Apr 12, 2019 · 2 revisions

Secondary Scale / Right Side Labels

One great new feature in GraphView 4.0 is the opportunity to create Graphs with a second scale, which will show a second y-axis on the right side. This second scale has some limits. First it can not stand alone, you have to use at least one series on the normal (left) scale.

Secondly the second scale doesn't have automatically bounds. It is mandatory to set the y bounds manually.

To use the second scale, you need to get the SecondScale object via graphView.getSecondScale().

Then you can add series to it via graphView.getSecondScale().addSeries(mSeries) and set the manual viewport via graphView.getSecondScale().setMinY() and .setMaxY().

Here is an example:

GraphView graph = (GraphView) findViewById(;
LineGraphSeries<DataPoint> series = new LineGraphSeries<>(new DataPoint[] {
    new DataPoint(0, 1),
    new DataPoint(1, 5),
    new DataPoint(2, 3),
    new DataPoint(3, 2),
    new DataPoint(4, 6)

LineGraphSeries<DataPoint> series2 = new LineGraphSeries<>(new DataPoint[] {
    new DataPoint(0, 30),
    new DataPoint(1, 30),
    new DataPoint(2, 60),
    new DataPoint(3, 20),
    new DataPoint(4, 50)

// set second scale
// the y bounds are always manual for second scale