Compare elements of two or more lists
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List::Compare - Compare elements of two or more lists

This document refers to version 0.53 of List::Compare.  This version was
released June 07 2015.

To install this module on your system, place the tarball archive file in a
temporary directory and call the following:

% gunzip List-Compare-0.53.tar.gz
% tar xf List-Compare-0.53.tar
% cd List-Compare-0.53
% perl Makefile.PL
% make
% make test
% make install

If during installation you wish to view more information on test results,
substitute the fllowing for the sixth line in the sequence of commands

% make test TEST=VERBOSE

If you are installing this module over any earlier version, you may
substitute the following for the last line in the sequence of commands

% make install UNINST=1

If you are installing this module on a Win32 system with 'nmake',
substitute 'nmake' for 'make' in the sequence of commands above.

The author has found that trying to install this distribution with
(a) older (pre-6.16) versions of ExtUtils::MakeMaker, (b) on older
versions of Perl (e.g., 5.6.0), and (c) on older Linux distributions
(e.g., RedHat Linux 7.3) can result in a situation where the module's
Plain Old Documentation, when transformed into manual pages, is not
automatically placed in the optimal location for reading thru 'man'
and 'info' (even though it reads perfectly through 'perldoc').  If you
experience this problem, issue the following at the command line
(adapted from a suggestion by Michael Schwern on the module-authors
mailing list):

% perl Makefile.PL INSTALLSITEMAN3DIR=/usr/share/man/man3

List::Compare uses the Carp module which is part of the standard Perl
distribution.  Other than that, there are no module dependencies in
this version of List::Compare.

Certain methods in this version of List::Compare are included solely
for backwards compatibility with earlier versions and are deprecated.
When called, they print warning messages via Carp.  In earlier versions
of List::Compare these warning messages would appear when you called
'make test' as part of the installation process.  This was harmless
but annoying and has been fixed.

Beginning with version 0.25 in April 2004, there is a modification to the
interface of two methods/functions: are_members_which() and
are_members_any().  Whereas previously the strings to be tested could be
passed to the subroutine either as a flat list or via a reference to an
anonymous array, now those items must be passed via reference to an
anonymous array.

Beginning with version 0.26 in April 2004, the functionality previously
found in List::Compare::SeenHash has been incorporated directly into
List::Compare.  Hence, List::Compare::SeenHash and the test suite files
associated with it have been deprecated and are no longer included in the
CPAN distribution.  Please see the List::Compare documentation for
further details.

In sending e-mail to the author, please put "List::Compare" or
"List-Compare" in the subject line.

Author:  James E. Keenan (
Originally created May 20, 2002.

Copyright (c) 2002-15 James E. Keenan.  United States.  All rights reserved.
This is free software and may be distributed under the same terms as Perl