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###Code examples

This repository contains example Ext.Direct applications in ExtJs and Sencha Touch for node.js Please navigate down to source tree to find the one you are interested.

Prerequisites after checking out:

* node.js servers require to run 'npm install' to retrieve dependent modules.
* make changes to db-config.json to match your database user/password
* import schema (mysql only)
* run server: 'node server.js'

For single server application copy client subfolders (e.g. DemoExtJs) to folder named 'public' For test setup that demonstrates CORS support you will need second server of your choice (Apache- MAMP, WAMP, e.t.c.). In this case you serve from matching client folder.


Important: Sample project you are downloading does not have framework! You have to download it and place inside sample folders.

For ExtJs it will be: client/DemoExtJs/ext (Expects version +)

For Sencha Touch : client/DemoTouch/touch (Expects version 2.3.1+)

###Sencha CMD

Sencha Cmd v4.0.1.45 must be installed on development machine.


Before you can run any of examples you should use Sencha CMD. From commandline (must be in client/DemoExtJS or client/DemoTouch folder depending on which project are you building):

* 'sencha app refresh'
* 'sencha app build'

Point your webserver to client workspace folder. Please note that node.js server must be run at the same time, otherwise you will end up receiving 404 errors.

###Production build

Production build can be found inside client/[DemoExtJs|DemoTouch]/build/production For more information, please refer to Sencha CMD reference http://docs.sencha.com/cmd/4.0.0/#!/guide

###Provided examples


* Application structure with API provider
* Grid CRUD Master-detail
* Cookie / Session
* Direct method call, shows regular call and onw that has hard exception (syntax error)
* Form Load / Submit
* Form file upload (Cross domain upload is not supported!)
* Tree root / child dynamic load

Sencha Touch:

* Application structure with API provider
* List read using directFn
* Form load / submit

Note: It contains an override for form load/submit. That fix will be provided as part of Sencha Touch 2.3.2

###Architect 3 sample project

* check out example from the repository
* Ensure that node.js server is running
* In Resources/directapi adjust url property if different from http://localhost:3000/directapi
* Run build for the project

* Preview development version from specified Publish path, or for production/testing files inside project/build/[production|testing]

Note: Some unrelated files are stripped out from ext folder to reduce download size!