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Archaius example

This is just a simple application to showcase some of Archaius features, including reading from property files with custom names, use cascade properties, using a custom JDBC source to read properties from a DB and playing around with JConsole to modify properties in runtime.

Step by step

The project has a few tags to show the evolution from using the most simple possible configuration to more complex ones. To see the list of available tags you can do git tag and git show #tagName to see more info about any of the tags listed before.

You can move through these tags to take a look at the different states of the showcase with git checkout #tagName where #tagName is one of the tags listed with git tag.

The current available tags are the following:

  • v0.1: The simplest possible example of using archaius to dynamically get properties defined on a '' file. This is the default file name that archaius expects so you don't need to do anything

  • v0.2: Shows how you can tell archaius to use a different name for the configuration file

  • v0.3: Shows how you can define cascaded properties to load several properties files or override the values defined by a default file with some context-specific ones

  • v0.4: Introduces an in-memory H2 database with a property table. Then, using Archaius JDBC source you can read properties from this DB exactly the same way you read them from the property file.

  • v0.5: This version shows how you can register your configuration as an MBean via JMX to be able to connect to your application via JConsole and both query the existing properties and update them.