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Add Transferred to NorCOMM status

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1 parent 528cd82 commit 57b05b89e034af98b2dddc1a84542889ad012c45 @jmason-ikmc committed May 29, 2009
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@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
+ 'Transferred to NorCOMM'=>array('name'=>'Transferred to NorCOMM', 'sequence'=>4, 'terminal'=>TRUE, 'warning'=>FALSE, 'category'=>'prepipeline'),
'Transferred to KOMP'=>array('name'=>'Transferred to KOMP', 'sequence'=>5, 'terminal'=>TRUE, 'warning'=>FALSE, 'category'=>'prepipeline'),
'On Hold'=>array('name'=>'On Hold', 'sequence'=>10, 'terminal'=>FALSE, 'warning'=>TRUE, 'category'=>'prepipeline'),
'Withdrawn From Pipeline'=>array('name'=>'Withdrawn From Pipeline', 'sequence'=>25, 'terminal'=>TRUE, 'warning'=>FALSE, 'category'=>'prepipeline'),

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