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A C++ rewrite of the tint2 panel
C++ CMake Shell
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jmc-88 X11: remove 'X11' and version for 'Xrandr'
Recent version of CMake ship with a modified FindX11.cmake that doesn't
work with the previous form of this find_package() invocation.
Since the X11 package should implicitly be included in this search, and
the minimum version restriction on Xrandr is on a version that's old
enough to make it unnecessary, I'm simply removing both entries here.

Fixed issues:
  - #41
Latest commit ff45e7e May 15, 2019
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tint3 panel

This project aims to continue the development of tint2, port it to C++, make it safer against crashes, and have it use XCB instead of Xlib.

How is this different from tint2?

It shouldn't be much different from tint2 from a user's point of view at this stage. The focus is mostly on having a cleaner, more robust codebase.

How stable is it?

Pretty stable. I use it daily and I haven't seen issues in a while, but if you happen to find any, please file a bug.

Is it packaged for my Linux distribution?

  • AMD64 .deb and .rpm packages are available at
  • There's a user-contributed package for Arch Linux in AUR, tint3-cpp-git.
  • You can easily rebuild your own .deb or .rpm package through CPack. Check the build instructions at for more info.
  • Other distributions: please build and install it manually.

How do I build it?

Please refer to

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