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Release Notes

The current release of this plugin is 2.7.0, it requires JDK 8 and uses Apache JMeter 4.0.

Java 9 is not yet supported as it is not supported yet by Apache JMeter.

See the CHANGELOG for change information.


All the documentation you need to configure the plugin is available on this wiki.

Beginners should start with the Basic Configuration section.

For advanced POM configuration settings have a look at the Advanced Configuration section.

Users Group

A place to discuss usage of the maven-jmeter-plugin, let people know how you use it here.

Homepage: http://groups.google.com/group/maven-jmeter-plugin-users

Group Email: maven-jmeter-plugin-users@googlegroups.com

Devs Group

A place to discuss the development of the maven-jmeter-plugin, or ask about features you would like to see added.

Homepage: http://groups.google.com/group/maven-jmeter-plugin-devs

Group Email: maven-jmeter-plugin-devs@googlegroups.com


The official website is available at http://jmeter.lazerycode.com