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JMeter Maven Plugin

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A Maven plugin that provides the ability to run JMeter tests as part of your build

See the CHANGELOG for change information.

All the documentation you need to configure the plugin is available on the Github Wiki.

The latest version is 3.8.0, it requires Maven >= 3.9.0 and defaults to Apache JMeter 5.6.2.

This plugin requires a JDK between 8 and 17. If using Java 11, ensure you use a recent version to avoid facing this Bug, also read This.

Running the GUI

Once you have added the plugin to your project you will be able to invoke the JMeter GUI using the following command:

mvn jmeter:configure jmeter:gui

See the associated Wiki entry for more information.

Basic Usage

Add the plugin to your project

Add the plugin to the build section of your pom's project :

        <!-- Generate JMeter configuration -->
        <!-- Run JMeter tests -->
        <!-- Fail build on errors in test -->

Reference JMX files and CSV data

Once you have created your JMeter tests, you'll need to copy them to <Project Dir>/src/test/jmeter.
By default this plugin will pick up all the .jmx files in that directory, you can also put data files in this folder and reference them in your plan. To specify which tests should be run, see the Selecting-Tests-To-Run section of the Wiki.

Run the tests

mvn clean verify

All your tests will run in maven!


All the plugin configuration documentation is available on the Github Wiki.

Beginners should start with the Basic Configuration section.

For advanced POM configuration settings have a look at the Advanced Configuration section.



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Devs Group

A place to discuss the development of the maven-jmeter-plugin, or ask about features you would like to see added.


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