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A fake data generator for Kohana
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K3-Faker Module

A Ko3 Module by John Hobbs of Little Filament, Inc.


This module provides a lazy-loading, modular, locale aware fake data generator for Kohana 3.1.x.

It is inspired by (and borrows data from) Ruby's Faker gem, and Perl's Data::Faker


K3-Faker is a simple, standard module.

  1. Drop the source in your MODPATH folder.
  2. Add the module to Kohana::modules in your bootstrap.php


Use the module methods from Faker:

echo 'Name: ' . Faker::Name()->name();


Name: Abbigail Vandervort

Additionally, if you have no arguments, you can now act as if the module method is a property.

echo 'Name: ' . Faker::Name()->name;

An alternate syntax is to use the factory style (thanks @gevans):

echo 'Name: ' . Faker::factory( 'name' )->name;

Full documentation is available online

Inspiration / Credit

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