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A command line JSON pretty printer.

Pretty print web service responses like so:

curl -s -L | jsonpp

and make beautiful the files running around on your disk:

jsonpp testdata/multiple/multiple.json

You can also format previously pretty-printed code with "-s":

jsonpp -s testdata/one/singular.json

Jsonpp exists because a friend was building against an API with large JSON APIs and was tired of the noticable wait times that other languages' tooling had. Then, jsonpp turned out to be pretty nice for parsing the JSON log files we had lying around and I made it a thing.


Installable with go get, brew install jsonpp, or copying the binary to your $PATH. See the live documentation for details.


The string used for indentation defaults to 2 spaces, but can be overridden by the environment variable JSONPP_INDENT.

Adding the "-s" parameter will allow you to format already formatted JSON code by assuming the entire input stream is one JSON object.