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Example project to use JBake with Maven.

Based on the work:

See the output online:


Generate the site

Generate the site with JBake:

>mvn process-resources

Output is target/jbake-sample

Push to GitHub pages

Commit generate the site and push it to github pages:

>mvn site

Do not forget to provide your GitHub credentials in your settings.xml file.

See GitHub Maven Plugins for more information.

Single step run

The exec-maven-plugin is used to run the mvn command with a list of arguments. Those arguments correspond to the different goals that are requested to generate site and upload it.

To use this possibility and run everything within a single step:

>mvn exec:exec

Reusing this sample project

This setup can be reused for your own website/blog. You can copy it and adapt it to your website.

  • pom.xml

    • Change the maven groupId and artifactId

    • Change the properties github.repository.owner and

    • Change the finalName at the beginning of the build

    • If your GitHub pages needs to commit on the master branch, adapt the site-maven-plugin configuration

  • src/main/jbake/

    • Change the variable

Who is using this setup?

Technical description

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