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Siimple header

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Welcome to the siimple CSS toolkit repository 🎉

What is siimple

We call siimple a CSS toolkit because it is a themeable and customizable CSS framework, but also a CSS engine that you can use for building your own CSS framework.

Inspired by other CSS frameworks (like bulma), but:

  • Fully themeable: use your own theme to customize and extend siimple.
  • Use what you really need: include the core modules (elements, helpers, ...) and themes that you REALLY need for your project.
  • No dependencies: written all from scratch without any dependencies.
  • No CSS preprocessors needed: we provide a tiny CLI to compile the CSS, so you do not need any other preprocessor like SASS or LESS.
  • Color palette included: we provide a flat color palette to customize siimple with different colors.
  • Pure CSS icons included: we provide a collection of pure CSS icons.


Along with siimple and siimple-icons packages, the packages listed in the table below are also available on this repository. These packages are published in the @siimple organization in npm.

Package Description Included in siimple
@siimple/core Core engine of the siimple CSS toolkit. ✔️
@siimple/modules Core modules of siimple. ✔️
@siimple/colors Color palette for siimple. ✔️
@siimple/cli Command line for siimple. ✔️
@siimple/postcss PostCSS plugin for siimple. ✔️
@siimple/presets A collection of all official presets for siimple.
@siimple/preset-base Base theme of siimple. ✔️
@siimple/preset-dark Dark theme for siimple.
@siimple/preset-ice A frosty and clean theme for siimple.
@siimple/preset-noir Classic and elegant theme for siimple.
@siimple/preset-mustard Yellowish and very clean theme preset.
@siimple/standalone Run siimple directly in the browser.
@siimple/icons Siimple icons in JSON format.

The version of these packages are different from the main siimple and siimple-icons packages, but follows this convention: the version 4.x.y of siimple equals to version 0.x.y of all packages published in the @siimple organization.


Here are the instructions for building siimple from the source code. Before you get started, ensure you have Node 14 and Yarn installed in your computer.

First clone this repository in your local machine running the following command:

$ git clone

Navigate into the repository folder and then install dependencies with yarn:

$ yarn install

Build siimple and siimple-icons

Run the following command to build the siimple CSS framework in siimple/siimple.css and the siimple-icons CSS in siimple-icons/siimple-icons.css:

$ yarn run build


We are using Gatsby for documentation. After building the CSS of the siimple framework you can build the documentation site with the following command:

$ yarn run build:website

Start the website server with the following command:

$ yarn run serve


You can build our playground tool as a standalone web application with the following command:

$ yarn run build:playground

This will generate a new folder playground/public with the code of the playground app. Start the playground web service with the following command:

$ yarn run start:playground



Code and documentation of siimple © 2015-present Josemi Juanes. Code released under the MIT license. Documentation released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.