Quake-style terminal for MacOS X (Terminal.app SIMBL)
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Visor for OSX

Visor for OSX provides a systemwide terminal window accessible via a hot-key, much like the consoles found in games such as Quake.

Visit visor.binaryage.com

About this version

Download latest stable build!

Two new options

I splitted the "pin visor" menu action into two separate actions:

  • Auto Hide
  • Always on Top

These options are both available in the visor menu AND the preference pane. The preference pane sets the behavior you want by default and the visor menu lets you override it until the application is closed. Changing them from the visor menu won't change the preference pane settings.

New tab bugfix

This version contains a fix for visor issue #73: creating a new tab while visor is hidden make visor being "stuck".