Automates the maintenance of NetBSD source tree and the build of releases
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sysbuild is a tool to automate the maintenance of the NetBSD sources and
the build of releases by means of a single command and a configuration
file that tells sysbuild what to do.

Since NetBSD 1.6 (released on July 2011), the source tree has included a
very flexible script ( to build a full NetBSD release for the
current platform or to cross-build for any of the supported platforms.

The flipside of the flexibility is that the script is inconvenient to
use on a daily basis because of the myriad of options it takes.
Furthermore, managing the source trees that make up NetBSD is not in the
scope of the user must fetch these trees and keep them up to
date by hand.

While these details are all fine on their own, rebuilding NetBSD
frequently (to keep a system up to date, or just for development tasks)
is convoluted.  Developers and users usually find themselves writing
their own wrapper scripts over to simplify their daily tasks.

sysbuild extends by adding support for configuration files and
source tree management, allowing NetBSD rebuilds with a single and
simple command.

For further information on the contents of this distribution file,
please refer to the following other documents:

* AUTHORS: List of authors and contributors to this project.
* COPYING: License information.
* INSTALL: Compilation and installation instructions.
* NEWS: List of major changes between formal releases.

For general project information, please visit: