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Object-Relational mapping for Web SQL is a LGPL JavaScript? library that allows you develop easily rich database Internet apps using the ORM paradigm.

ORM HTML5 is inspired by Django model.

How to?
1. Include "orm.js"
    <script language="JavaScript" src="orm.js"></script>
2. Define your models
    <script language="JavaScript">

      function Client(db)
        this.base = ModelBase;
        this.base("client");         // Name of table
               // Specifies the fields: 
               //             name:       string not null
               //             surname:    string
               //             age:        integer
        this.fields = ["snName", "sSurname", "iAge"];
               // Preload objects in table      
        this.predata = [   {id:1, name: 'John' , surname: 'Smith', age: 20 },
                           {id:2, name: 'Ana' , surname: 'Castillo', age: null} ];
        // Initialiaze
      // Create DB Manager
      dbm = new DBM('ERP');
      // Register your models
3. Use it!
    <script language="JavaScript">

      var c = new Client(dbm);
      c.name = 'David';
      c.surname = 'Lohan';
      c.age = '30';
      c.save(function (result) { if (result) alert('save ok'); });
How works?
ORM-HTML5 use Javascript's reflection and Web SQL API (no needs external libraries).

DBM.register() create the tables of models if is necessary. Also loads "preload" data.