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Releases: jmsck55/ed_macro

ed_macro, copyrighted

29 Nov 10:06
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  • Copyrighted

  • Update, bug fixes, and new files for Euphoria v3.1.1

  • Database version: v0.1.0


30 Sep 09:18
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The future of ed_macro:

Try not to make it a killer app. Don't make an application that prevents other people from making other applications.

"ed_macro" is productivity code. It requires typing. It can be used to make typing easier by recording keystrokes and playing them back. It is based on Euphoria's default console editor. It is designed to help people to get more work done. I want to help people get more work done.

Support free opensource software. I did not get paid yet for developing this code. I wish I knew how to market it and get paid. Consider that when you use this software release. Consider that it is not a victimless crime to not pay people for their work. They might make sloppy work, which this release is.