A short sample Groovy class w/tests to try the H2 in-memory database feature; see http://www.h2database.com/html/grammar.html
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A short sample Groovy class w/tests to try the H2 in-memory database feature;

Just wanted to give you a starting point to try the H2 in-memory database. I've used the Groovy development language here to setup a set of methods. The whole class named H2 is constructed in the style of a java class with all it's syntax. Ok, it's not exactly a java program. For that you would need to add more syntax.

For this demo, i've tried to use the most common features of the H2 grammar.

Project Layout

This project is arranged in a folder structure that's compatible with many build systems. In this demo, i've used the gradle build tool. Have also included a full gradle wrapper with required bits and pieces the code needs to work correctly. These are declared within the build.gradle script.

Folder Layout

  • build.gradle - the script gradle uses to go urn the build process
  • gradle.properties - influences the gradle build tool
  • License - what you can/cannot do with this project
  • README.md - this text file
  • build/ - a folder of all the pieces constructed when you do a gradlew build command
  • gradle/ - everything needed to make gradle run on your system without installing gradle; Gradle will self-install any missing jars, code, scripts, etc if your system is connected to the internet the first time you do a gradle build command
  • src/
  • /src/main/groovy/com/jnorthr/H2.groovy - the only bit of code with samples of what can be done when working with the H2 database
  • /src/test/groovy/com/jnorthr/H2Tests.groovy - a series of self-testing methods to confirm the H2.groovy class is running correctly.

H2 Syntax

H2 Grammar is described here.