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Shell script wrapper around curl for sending messages through Pushover. This is an unofficial script which is not released or supported by Superblock. All requests directly related to this script should be addressed through the Github issue tracker.


To install, run

git clone;
chmod +x;

Usage <options> <message>
 -c <callback>
 -d <device>
 -D <timestamp>
 -e <expire>
 -f <config file>
 -p <priority>
 -r <retry>
 -t <title>
 -T <TOKEN> (required if not in config file)
 -s <sound>
 -u <url>
 -m <msg_file>
 -U <USER> (required if not in config file)

To use this script, you must have TOKEN and USER (or GROUP) keys from PushOver. These may then be specified on the terminal with -T and -U, or you may store default values for both in ${HOME}/.config/pushover.conf. If you need to override this path, such as for multiple accounts, either specify the config file as a parameter using -f or use the environment variable PUSHOVER_CONFIG with the full path to the desired config file.

The message can be passed as arguments on the command line, or by using the -m switch to load the message from a file.

Config file format

TOKEN="your application's token here"
USER="your user/group key here"
CURL_OPTS="options to pass to curl"

Shell compatibility

A word of warning: I use bash (as in real bash, not dash) on all of my machines and I have a tendency to forget what syntax is cross-shell compatible. If things behave very strangely for you, this is very likely the first thing you should check. Better yet, if you know a better way a particular line could be implemented, don't hesitate to submit a patch. I would really like for this script to someday work on bash, dash and sh equally. :-)


Shell script wrapper around curl for sending messages through PushOver




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