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Efficiently downloading and extracting all Zendesk attachments for a ticket in an organized manner for local access and manipulation for everyday usage.
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First install the requests package by running:

pip install requests

Ensure your ~/.zendesk.cfg is already configured. You can use your API token information as found at (You will need ZenDesk admin access to view this page.) This is mine:

domain =
email = joaquin@<domain>.com/token
pass = TOKEN

download_directory = /Users/joaquin/Downloads/support
run_open = True
open_program = subl

Then perhaps something simple like:

sudo ln -s ~/repos/zendesk_downloader/download /usr/local/bin/download

Note: subl is an alias that opens Sublime Text 2 and subl <folder-path> opens the entire folder in Sublime. You can choose any command you want, including open, which opens a Finder window.


download 1828

After that, all attachments are downloaded into the folder



  • .tar.gz and .zip files are extracted into their proper folders
  • file creation and modified dates are set to the original upload date
  • files with no extensions are automatically fixed with at .txt (to make it easier for OSX to open files)


  • Allows filesystems to remain less cluttered with support tickets
  • Have all organization files ready to easily be grepped
  • Ensure that we don't have many cassandra.yaml (30) files (maybe just OSX)
  • Keep files organized by date of attachment, not download
  • Automatically extract compressed information
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