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WARNING: we are redoing this project at another place, mainly new interface and naming, but still the same architecture principle. The goal is to centralize Eiffel resources. So please visit
''' '''

This project is to provide an easy way to build web application with Eiffel

= Get the source code =

 git clone
 cd EiffelWebReloaded
 git submodule update --init
 git submodule foreach git pull origin master
 git submodule foreach git checkout master

= Goals =
Provide a framework to easily build web application with Eiffel, with the following requirements
portable web server framework: this means, platform independant, and web server independant solution, and even protocol independant (support for fcgi, cgi, ...)
up-to-date with Eiffel: standard syntax, and void-safety by default
framework to help the user to build quickly a web application (RESTful service, CMS web interface, XML-RPC ...)
be adopted by the Eiffel community, and let it grow with quality and rich set of features

See for details
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