Getting started

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Getting started

First, let's get the source code

Currently the project is hosted on github ( ). The easiest way to get the source is

 git clone git://
 cd EiffelWebReloaded
 git submodule update --init
 git submodule foreach git checkout master
  • Note: I don't really know, how to avoid the "git checkout master" , but I found it to be the best solution to avoid trouble later (but it seems the checkout master is not required)

How to compile ?

  • Apart from the fcgi library, you don't have anything special to do.
  • If you want to use the fcgi support on Windows, go to library\server\fcgi\libfcgi\Win32, and open the libfcgi.vcxproj in VisualStudio
  • This part would need to be improved, but currently the libfcgi is not very nice (sorry to say that).

How to contribute ?

  • First download, and try the example, please report any trouble
  • Provide review, suggestion, documentation improvement, and contribution
  • If you desire to contribute to the code, I would advice to [Fork] the current repository on , and when you have a contribution ready to be share, please let us know (using for instance the [Pull] facility, and we'll pull from your repository, and after code review, hopefully we'll integrate the changes or additions to this project. Note you can also just fork/clone this repository on your local machine, and send patch directly.
  • Spreads the word, and let people know about this web solution.


How to use it?


Please also visit the FAQ page, which will grow as long as you contribute with question (and even answer)