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Contributions to the Orthanc project from external contributors
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Contributions to the Orthanc project from external developers.

This public repository aims at centralizing external contributions to Orthanc, the lightweight, RESTful DICOM server from the Department of medical physics of the CHU of Liège. External contributors are invited submit their code by themselves here. Pay attention to the fact that no code review, nor testing is carried on this repository by the core team of Orthanc! Use these contributions at your own risk.

Organization of the folders

  • Index of various third-party contributions around the Internet.
  • Applications/: Contributed standalone applications, that use Orthanc through its REST API.
  • Documentation/: Documents, articles, posts... written by third-party contributors.
  • Patches/: Contributed patches to the Orthanc source distribution.
  • Plugins/: Contributed plugins for Orthanc.
  • Scripts/: Contributed sample scripts.
    • Scripts/Python: Python sample scripts.


It is required that all code that is submitted to this repository is licensed under GPLv3 license. Please make sure to include the GPL header in all of your files, together with your name and, if applicable, your organization.

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