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CodeIgniter third-party library deals with Holiday API based an official PHP library
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CodeIgniter Holiday API

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CodeIgniter third-party library deals with Holiday API based on official PHP library .


Note that following steps assume that you have correctly installed Composer and configured CodeIgniter on your server.

Please use Composer to install it and include it as a third-party package in your CodeIgniter application.

composer require joel-depiltech/codeigniter-holidayapi

  1. Make sure you already use Composer auto-loader in your config file (application/config/config.php)
$config['composer_autoload'] = TRUE; // or a custom path as 'vendor/autoload.php'
  1. Include this package with Loader library
$this->load->add_package_path(APPPATH . 'third_party/holidayapi');
  1. Include this library with Loader library
  1. Configure your api keys in config file (config/holidayapi.php)
$config['holidayapi_test_api_key'] = '058f4506-caf0-4bdd-b52b-cbc98e20e02e';
$config['holidayapi_live_api_key'] = '*** Fill in your own Live API key ***';


Simple call

By default, fetch all holidays of this year for USA :

$holidays = $this->holidayapi->holidays();

Complete call

A example to fetch all upcoming holidays for France from Christmas to end of 2018 with a specific API key :

$this->load->library('HolidayAPI', array('holidayapi_live_api_key' => '** An other API key **'));
$holidays = $this->holidayapi->holidays('FR', 2018, 12, 25, FALSE, TRUE);
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