Stakeholder analysis for business project management
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Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholder analysis for business project management means figuring who's involved and why.




Stakeholder analysis starts by gathering this information:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Contact information
  • Communication preferences
  • Role in the organization
  • Role on the project
  • Key concerns (e.g. goals, needs, issues, interests, opinions)
  • Key offerings (e.g. skills, resources, controls, connections)
  • Relevant suggestions (e.g. for people, processes, tools, scopes)
  • Relevant relationships (e.g. with stakeholders, projects, organizaitons)
  • Relevant analysis (e.g. SBS, OKR, KPI, CSF, RAM, VSM, SMART, SWOT, PEST, RAID )


Estimate any of these concepts on a scale of 1ow, medium, high:

  • Power
  • Interest
  • Commitment
  • Support
  • Influence
  • Need
  • Urgency
  • Understanding
  • Legitimacy
  • Willingness to engage
  • Necessity of involvement

Power-interest grid

A power-interest grid is a quick easy way to visualize stakeholder salience a.k.a. priority.

  • y-axis is power & influence
  • x-axis is interest & impact

Example: power-interest-grid.html

You can position each stakeholder on the grid.

How to identify stakeholders

Useful questions to identify stakeholders:

  • Who has skills?
  • Who has resources?
  • Who has controls, such as approvals, governance, etc.?
  • Who has connections, such as relationships, partners, etc.?
  • Who has influence?
  • Who gains or loses because of this project?

Stakeholder example roles

Stakeholders example roles to consider:

  • Employees e.g. Workers, Managers, Directors
  • Purchasers e.g. Customers, Resellers, Retailers
  • Partners e.g. Suppliers, Distributors, Contractors
  • Advisors e.g. Counselors, Collaborators, Investors
  • Regulators e.g. Auditors, Legislators, Officers
  • Authors e.g. Reporters, Reviewers, Researchers
  • Others e.g. Competitors, Shareholders, Activists