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A QuickLook plugin to pretty-print (node.js style) JSON. Click to fold/unfold sub-trees!
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A QuickLook plugin to pretty-print JSON in the terse comma-first style, e g:

{ "name": "flux"
, "description": "An application architecture based on a unidirectional data flow"
, "version": "2.1.1"
, "homepage": ""
, "repository":
  { "type": "git"
  , "url": ""
, "authors":
  [ "Facebook"
  , "Jing Chen <>"
  , "Bill Fisher <>"
  , "Paul O'Shannessy <>"


To install a pre-built version for osx 10.6+, download and unzip into /Library/QuickLook/ (to install system-globally), or into ~/Library/QuickLook/ (to install for yourself only). You may need to create this directory, if it does not exist.

To get sweet copy/paste functionality from QuickLook, also run:

defaults write QLEnableTextSelection -bool true

from a Terminal window, and to refresh installed plugins afterwards:

qlmanage -r

Another method, if you have Homebrew Cask installed:

brew update
brew cask install quickjson

To uninstall:

brew cask uninstall quickjson
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