Installation script for Eichhoernchens SiriServer
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InstallSiri.dmg Update Mar 18, 2013



You need a C compiler installed! On most Linux Distros this comes out of the box. On Mac OS X you can either install Xcode or install this:


If you want a much easier way of installing the SiriServer aswell as updating and configuring. We've just released a Mac OSX app that simplifies everything and packages it with a neat GUI. Download it from the project page. Or on:

Everything else the script handles. Good luck


First open the terminal and cd into the directory where you've downloaded the script (In Debian and OS X you can do so by writing "cd " and then drag the folder into the terminal.

To make the script executable and run:

On Mac's

chmod +x
sudo ./

On Debian/*Buntu based systems

chmod +x
sudo ./

If you've already installed the server and dependencies and want to start it up again, just go ahead an cd into the siriServer directory and type:

sudo python

Check out the Eichhoernchen project at:

Video walkthrough: