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😜 Gitmoji Browser Extension

The Gitmoji extension to easily search and copy gitmojis 😜

test workflow Gitmoji This projet uses SemVer for versioning

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Screenshot - overview

πŸŽ‰ Installation

Install the extension according to your browser:

🧩 Features

  • πŸ” Search for a specific gitmoji's code/emoji by name or description
  • πŸ• Detect the gitmojis present on the current tab
  • βž• Inject πŸ”€ gitmoji in front of the commit title of GitHub/GitLab pull-request (βš™οΈ)
  • πŸŒ” Dark/light mode (βš™οΈ)
  • ❌ Close extension's popup after a gitmoji is saved in the clipboard (βš™οΈ)
  • ❓ Show gitmoji's description on mouse over or focus (βš™οΈ)

Features with the (βš™οΈ) can be modified in the settings page.

βš–οΈ Permissions


Detect the gitmojis present on the current tab. Used to access some hardcoded URLs detailed below:

Access your data for
Access your data for

Both are used for the feature "Inject πŸ”€ gitmoji in front of the commit title of GitHub/GitLab pull-request"

We restricted these permissions to the minimum by using specific URLs:

It can be checked on the injectMergeGitmoji.js file.


The storage is used to keep the settings preferences (see 🧩 Features > Through the settings panel).

✨ Usage (with keyboard shortcuts)

  • toggle the extension button or use the shortcut Alt+G (βŒ₯+G for mac)
  • search emoji names or descriptions (from the website)
  • use tab and Shift+tab to navigate between the shortcodes and emojis
  • press Enter to copy

πŸ¦„ Contributing

All remarks are welcome so feel free to open an issue πŸ˜‰ Wants to collaborate? Please read the contributing guidelines.

πŸ“„ License

The code is available under the MIT license.

Made with ❀ by @johannchopin and @lyokolux