Information visualization tool for comparing two trees using numeric values, and created and removed nodes
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Information visualization tool for comparing two trees.

Treeversity screeshot

TreeVersity is a research prototype that visually compares two trees by node values and created and deleted nodes. It was created by John Alexis Guerra Gómez, Audra Buck-Coleman, Catherine Plaisant and Ben Shneiderman from the Human Computer Interaction Lab and the CATT Lab from the University of Maryland

You can find more information about the project on the Treeversity project homepage


Download the jar file and execute it using JRE 1.7 or compatible

java -jar TreeVersity-1.6.jar

Then open one of the provided example datasets (from the 2012 US Federal Budget outlays report). Data files should be in the treeml data format sample treeml

The file will contain several trees, one for each year, then drag the trees from the table to the corresponding comparison panels on the top right of the window

Demo loading data