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The repo files are in


Patches are available in these formats

  • ArtMoney
  • native emulator format if the emulator has a patch function


Download idadif with

sudo bash -c "curl > /usr/local/bin/"
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/

Apply .dif

Apply a .dif with xinput1_3.dll xinput1_3.dif

Frequently written memory


Some variables are written often by the program (and therefore also read soon after they are written), f.e. the position in a racing game


Patch the position update function. This is done in


This is easier in an emulator that allow memory breakpoints, f.e. model3emu, because that allow finding the function

In ArtMoney setting "Options > General > Freeze time" to the lowest value "1 ms" work, f.e. in srally2, when

  • it read the position (on finish) more than 1 ms after writing it

doesn't work when

  • it read the position (on finish) less than 1 ms after writing it
  • it read the position from a function rather than a variable
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