A webpack plugin to remove your build folder(s) before building
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Clean for webpack

A webpack plugin to remove/clean your build folder(s) before building

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npm install clean-webpack-plugin --save-dev

Example Webpack Config

var CleanWebpackPlugin = require('clean-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    new CleanWebpackPlugin(['dist', 'build'], {
      root: '/full/project/path',
      verbose: true, 
      dry: false,
      exclude: ['shared.js']


new CleanWebpackPlugin(paths [, {options}])

Paths (Required)

An [array] of string paths to clean

['dist', 'build']

Options and defaults (Optional)

  "root": "[location of webpack.config]", // An absolute path for the root.
  "verbose": true, // Write logs to console.
  "dry": false, // Use boolean "true" to test/emulate delete. (will not remove files).
                // (Default: "false", remove files)
  "exclude": ["files", "to", "ignore"] // Instead of removing whole path recursively,
                                       // remove all path's content with exclusion of provided immediate children.
                                       // Good for not removing shared files from build directories.