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Fix partial rendering bug #7

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Instead of rendering the partial its looking for a template

@theCrab theCrab Fix partial rendering bug
Instead of rendering the partial its looking for a template

Am closing this to make a proper one that will fix the problem

Why did someone mix Haml and Erb templates?

@theCrab theCrab closed this

Hi theCrab, with your tips I was able to solve a few things but now i get this error:
undefined method `hook' for #<#Class:0x007ff88f1052e0:0x007ff88ddc71b0>
From this code:
"<% content_for :sidebar do %>

    <%= hook :admin_supplier_tabs , {:current => current} do %>
    <%= link_to "Supplier Details", edit_admin_supplier_url(@supplier) %>

    at: .rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p392/bundler/gems/spree_suppliers-4d92ce8ef90c/app/views/spree/admin/suppliers/_supplier_tabs.html.erb where line #3 raised:

    Did you get this error also? Any ideas on how to solve it?


I will look through it and see what i can do. The owner of this repo is not meintaining it because he doesn't need it. I'll fix the bugs, then you can check my fork and use that.

@theCrab theCrab reopened this

I understand John, and thanks for all your effort, it's been appreciated!
My idea is to adapt/change this gem so I can get the option for each vendor to have his own small store, inside the "big store"... Do you know any cases of people who have done this before? As I understand, current version of spree_suppliers allow multiple vendors but only one admin to manage all of their products (separating products, sells, payments and invoices by each vendor)... Is my assumption correct?
Do you think it can be done? Adapt this to have multiple vendors, each one with their own managing store? Do you think it's going to be a handsfull? Should I start from this extension or start one from scratch?
Thanks again for all your support guys! I'm still pretty noob at RoR so sorry for all the "dumb" questions... :)


I still have to read everything more carefully but I think I should first post what I need to have... But should we continue this talk on this post or create something elsewhere for people to see and help us on this?


When I found out spree_suppliers it seemed to solve all my troubles, or at least, most of them…

It allowed multiple vendors, setting commissions for each sale, one single checkout (separating invoices and payments for each vendor), and a few more things…

For the rest of the text I consider two different roles;

* Site Owner - The entity that owes the main site

* Store Owner - The entity that buys/rents a store inside the main site

What it still doesn't accomplish and that I really need to, is:

* each vendor having his own store
    * being able to manage it
        * creating his products
        * managing his stocks
        * managing his orders

* customizable stores
    * allowing some kind of personalization of each store
        * personal logo
        * personal colors
        * personal layout

* possibility to have ads on each store
    * managed by the site owner
        * with an option to disable ads on particular stores (for example, stores that subscribe the premium package)

    * managed by the store owner
        * with commissions for the site owner

* If the store owner doesn't want to have/manage his own store he can choose two options
    * outsource the management of his store (by someone from the team of the site owner)
    * sell his products inside the site owner main store (basically what spree_suppliers allows now….)

* Promotion
    * Allowing the store owner to choose which products he wants to stand out/promote on the site owner main store
    * Allowing the site owner to promote some products of the "sub stores"

* Newsletter
    * Allowing the site owner to choose products/stores to promote on the newsletter
    * Allowing each store owner to have his own newsletter, by simply choose a number of products to manage and send to his clients/subscribers

The already existing functions should remain! I don't know if all these features should go to one or more expansions...

And you guys, what do you want from "spree_suppliers"?


@lbramos thanks for the info here.

Some of the additions are more UI facing than functional. I'll be happy to tinker with functional and leave the customization, ads and newsletter out. Its hard enough to get a spree shop going, and the others are already services that can be run on better apps like Mailchimp.

Thanks for the list though.


I know, I just wanted to put everything here... there were a couple of things missing, like vendor ranks, badges, and other stuff... but we should focus on main things! and from your side, what you would like to add?


So, @theCrab do you want to join forces to attack this? Is there any other feature you would like to see?


@lbramos yes. I'd like to work together on this. I'll look at what @johndavid400 has done then we can pick up from there. What is your Time Zone? I am GMT London.


@theCrab me too (Portugal).


@lbramos whats the best time to do this. I work daytime. So evening is best.
Do you use the spree irc channel? If you get in there I am always in all day until 2300GMT most days. Just mention me #theCrab and I'll talk to you. we can then agree when to start. Thanks


For me it's also better to work at night, so I'll see you on IRC tonight for us to start!


What's the status on this, lbramos and theCrab? What progress have you made? I've got most of the 1.3.2 code up and running after 7 commits. However, I'm not seeing the ability to associate a product with a supplier. Maybe that hasn't been ported yet.


Hi @createthis . We stopped with some other projects... I'll be picking this up in about 2 weeks time... Maybe we can work together then!


@createthis Me too. Just been too busy to start off. But I'll see how I can get something going again. I guess this project will act as an inspiration.


I'm giving up on spree_suppliers. I got it functional enough to evaluate usefulness with 1.3.2, after hours of bug fixes. My purpose is the same as yours: multi-vendor functionality. spree-suppliers doesn't do that. It did give me enough information to roll my own, however. Good luck.

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Commits on Mar 26, 2013
  1. @theCrab

    Fix partial rendering bug

    theCrab authored
    Instead of rendering the partial its looking for a template
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