Simple chess clock for Android.
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  • TODO

    • Scroll input widget for setting clocks
    • At end of game show a chart with the distribution of time spent per move for each player
  • DONE

    • Allow time to be modified during a game
    • Display animated icon showing Bronstein delay countdown (next to clock)
    • Add NumberFormat exception handling for bad initial time or other text input
    • Audio feedback when clock expires
    • Advanced FIDE time controls
    • Bronstein/Fischer timing option
    • Move counter (for eventual use with official FIDE tournament time control)
    • fixed bug whereby String.isEmpty() was being used, but this is only valid for API > 9 (i.e. not for 2.1 or 2.2 devices)
    • Allow clocks to go negative
    • Lock 'portrait' orientation
    • Wake lock to prevent screen from dimming during play
    • Make pause notification persistent (not a 'Toast')
    • Fix bug that allows empty time field in preferences
    • Fixed package name in manifest
    • 'About' screen
    • NOT going to do this: "Haptic feedback on button press" clock is usually on the table so you can't really feel this.

Some development notes:


    1. Create icon as 72x72 document in inkscape, export as PNG 72x72
    2. Import into android asset builder
      • set background to yellow (#ffcc00)
      • set zoom crop to 10%
    3. Export as zip and extract into res folder

    Also, create 512x512 hi-res icon (for website) by scaling image in inkscape to a 512x512 document and using the asset builder tool again.