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Bankomatkarten Infos

Compiled apk available from:

Important note, 2014-12-12:

The application got a new package ID (so technically it is now a new application). The main reason for this step was that Google blocked the application in the Play Store because of:

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the paid and free provision of the Content Policy and section 3.5 of the Developer Distribution Agreement.

Therefore I removed the "donation" dialog and published the app again under a new application ID (as this is allowed by Google):

This particular app has been disabled as a policy strike. If your developer account is still in good standing, you may revise and upload a policy compliant version of this application as a new package name.

Sorry for this step. If you have installed the previous version, please uninstall it and install the new one, so that you will receive further updates.

Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience,
Johannes Zweng

Android NFC-App zum Auslesen von österreichischen Bankomatkarten bzw. Maestro Karten

(scroll down for english version)

Sollte auf Android 4.0.3 oder höher funktionieren und benötigt ein Gerät mit NFC.


Hier das Google+ Posting mit dem der Spaß begann: Fun with NFC.. :-)


Vielen Dank an das Projekt javaemvreader von dem ich einige Klassen zum Dekodieren der EMV Daten übernommen habe (released unter Apache 2.0 license).

Was ist das?

Diese App versucht die letzten x Transaktionen sowie einige andere Infos aus einer NFC-aktivierten Bankomatkarte via NFC auszulesen. Es kann durchaus sein, dass es nicht mit allen Karten funktioniert. Getestet bisher nur mit einer Bank Austria Bankomatkarte.


Allgemeine Infos zur Karte Liste der letzten Transaktionen Detailliertes Log


Die App versucht eine SmartCard via NFC zu lesen. Dazu prüft sie ob entweder die Paylife Quick Applikation (AID D040000001000002) bzw. die Maestro (Bankomat) Applikation (AID A0000000043060) auf der Karte vorhanden ist. Falls ja, wird versucht einige frei zugängliche EFs (elementary files) auszulesen (es erfolgt keine Authentifizierung).

Wo findet man weitere Infos:

**** ****

Android NFC-App for reading some infos from Austrian Bankomat Cards (Maestro banking cards).

Should work on Android 4.0.3 and above. Needs a device with NFC support.


Here the Google+ Posting (in german) where the fun began: Fun with NFC.. :-)


Many thanks to the project javaemvreader from which I borrowed some classes for decoding EMV data (released under Apache 2.0 License).

What's this

This app tries to read the last transactions and some general infos from a NFC-enabled Austrian Bankomatkarte (Maestro debit card) via NFC. It may not work on all cards, only tested with cards from Bank Austria for now.

In detail

This android app tries to read a SmartCard via NFC. It checks if the card contains the Paylife Quick application (AID D040000001000002) and the Maestro (Bankomat) application (AID A0000000043060) and tries to read some free accessible files (no authentication is performed to card).

Where to look for further info:


Android NFC app for reading some infos from Austrian Bankomat Cards (Maestro banking cards).







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