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An "Awesome" list of code review resources - articles, papers, tools, etc
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Awesome Code Review

Awesome Code Review Awesome

A curated list of tools, articles, books, and any other resource related to code review

Code review is the systematic examination (sometimes referred to as peer review) of computer source code.


Academic Papers



Talks and Podcasts


  • Crucible Atlassian's on-premise code review tool.
  • Gerrit Open source git code review tool originating out of Google.
  • GitHub Git hosting and pioneer of the "Pull Request".
  • LGTM Automated Git code review for GitHub and Bitbucket pull requests for finding security vulnerabilities and code quality issues.
  • Phabricator Open source git/mercurial/svn code review tool originating out of Facebook.
  • PullRequest Code review as a service for GitHub pull requests.
  • Pull Reminders Automated Slack reminders and metrics for GitHub pull requests.
  • Reviewable Code review tool built on top of GitHub pull requests.
  • Review Board Open source review tool that is SCM/platform neutral.
  • Rubberduck Browser extension to adds code-aware navigation to GitHub pull requests.
  • Sider Automated code review service for GitHub.
  • Upsource JetBrain's on-premise git/mercurial/perforce/svn code review tool.


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