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Bind to show a whole file at a revision for added context #91

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Hi @kaihendry,

An option might be to make tig set the file variable in the diff view like this:

diff --git a/tig.c b/tig.c
index d735391..5ce2437 100644
--- a/tig.c
+++ b/tig.c
@@ -4548,6 +4548,7 @@ diff_select(struct view *view, struct line *line)
        } else {
                s = diff_get_pathname(view, line);
                if (s) {
+                       string_ncopy(opt_file, s, strlen(s));
                        string_format(view->ref, "Changes to '%s'", s);
                } else {
                        string_ncopy(view->ref, view->id, strlen(view->id));

which allows you to add a binding such as:

bind diff v !git show %(commit):%(file)

This works, but I'm not sure if it doesn't break something, or if it's the best solution here.


@kaihendry I've added code for opening a blob view based on the file path and the currently viewed file. Great idea with the video! :-)

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