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SDK for Jira integration in .net
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SDK for Jira integration in .net

Open issues

* Not all code is unit tested * Some custom business logic still in the API (especialy in the Epic class).

This repository is open for pull requests!


You can download the nuget file here:

Version history

New features

* Added methods to collect the linked issues of a specific issue. * Added support for custom fields for Issues. * Added support for labels, you can now get all labels linked to a specific issue.


* Fixed some issues with dates (for example, the resolution date). * Fixed a bug where the active sprint was listed twice when getting all sprints from an agile board.

Getting started

To get started with this SDK, all you need to do is create a new Jira instance and choose how you want to target Jira:
Jira jira = new Jira();
//Connect to Jira with username and password. Please be aware that the information returned by the Jira REST API depends on the access rigths of the user.
jira.Connect("{{JIRA URL}}", "{{USERNAME}}", "{{PASSWORD}}");

//You can also connect to Jira anonymously. Please make sure that the information you want to request with the SDK is accessible by unauthenticated users.
jira.Connect("{{JIRA URL}}");

//Gets all of the projects configured in your jira instance
List<Project> projects = jira.GetProjects();

//Gets a specific project by name
Project project = jira.GetProject("{{projectname}}");
//Gets all of users favourite filters
List<IssueFilter> filters = jira.GetFilters();

//Gets a specific filter by name
IssueFilter filter = jira.GetFilter("{{filtername}}");

//Get a list of agile boards configured in your jira instance
List<AgileBoard> agilaboards = jira.GetAgileBoards();

//Get a specific issue with key
Issue issue = jira.GetIssue("{{issuekey}}");

//Add a new issue to a project
Project project = jira.GetProject("{{projectname}}");
Issue newIssue = project.AddIssue(new IssueFields()
                Summary = "Summary of the new issue",
                IssueType = new IssueType(0, "Type"),
                CustomFields = new Dictionary<string, CustomField>() {
                    { "customfield_11000", new CustomField(11000, "Value") }
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