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With prjct you show easily your projects on the web (Demo). You don't need a database or any programming experience. Just upload this zip file via FTP to your server and add your projects into /projects/. That's it!


  • Apache server (no SunOS, sorry) and PHP >= 5.6
  • A FTP account for uploading files
  • Your brain and a nice image of you :)

Structure of a project

  1. Add a new folder. Every project folder needs a unique number (for the correct order) and a unique name, like 12 Hello World.
  2. Do you want to split your project into separate sub projects?
  • 👍 Yes: Create new folders under the main project folder - according to step #1. Every sub project needs one Markdown file and at least one image. The last sub project will be displayed on the projects overview.
  • 👎 No: When you don't use sub projects, a Markdown file and image in the root of the project is required.
  1. In order to provide files to download, create a folder named attach in the project root or sub project. They will be shown as a list under the description.

Setup your profile

  • You don't want my image on your site? It's ok :) Replace the file /assets/image/profileimage.jpg with yours.
  • Open /assets/projects/ and edit the Markdown entries to your needs. Please don't use a dash after a new line.


  • Don't miss to upload the .htaccess!
  • Give every project, sub project and image a unique number. With this you have everything in the right order.
  • The project images have a maximum width of 500px - for retina displays 1,000px. Height doesn't matter ;)
  • When you use sub projects and you need a general description of your project. Just add a Markdown file and images to the root project folder. This will be displayed on the top of the project site (and not on the projects overview).


  • Pagination
  • Password protection
  • Play audio and video inline


  • What is Markdown? Click here.
  • Did you find some bugs? Add an issue or pull a request!
  • Do you need help? Try it with a Tweet.

Release History

  • 1.1.0 Keyboard support. Use ⬆️ and ⬇️ on your keyboard for a nice scrolling animation!
    • 1.1.1 Even better keyboard support (more coming soon)
    • 1.2.0 Improved title button & logo in footer
  • 1.0.0 Initial commit 🎉
    • 1.0.1 small CSS bug fixes
    • 1.0.2 Markdown support for profile section, Update README
    • 1.0.3 Better position for URLs in profile section
    • 1.0.4 Better UX for mobile users (copy Text and better scrolling), direct downloads


Copyright © 2016 Jonas Zielke and released under MIT license.

Third party libraries


The right showroom for your projects. Easy to manage, write in markdown, database free and use files!





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