Monitor BitTorrent activity on the LAN through LPD
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BitTorrent LAN Activity Monitor

Monitor of BitTorrent activity on the LAN. The Local Peer Discovery extension
makes it quite easy to find out what other people on your LAN are downloading
or seeding with BitTorrent. Be aware that not all clients support LPD and private
torrents are not announced this way.

The main tool `lpd-monitor` simply runs in the background a prints out a line
whenever a LPD message is received from the LAN. The program listents for UDP
packets on the multicast address port 6771. The UDP port 6771
should be opened in any local firewall that may be present.

If a peer announces itself on the LAN, the tool `bt-stat` can be used to fetch
the metadata of the announced infohash, and to check the download progress of
the peer.

Example: bt-stat 51051 412051b639a00243c37a5b68c7be03308dc1088f