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consume a JSON HTTP API, without the regular boilerplate.


var imbibe = require('imbibe');
imbibe('', function(err, user) {
  if (err) console.log(err);
  else console.log(user);


npm install --save imbibe


imbibe(url(s), [opts, ] callback)

  • url(s) a string representing a URL that points to a json resource, or an array of URLs, or an object mapping keys to urls that will be used to compile the result object.
  • opts (optional) - options for the requests. imbibe uses mikeal/request internally, and these options will be passed to the request that is generated. See request's options documentation for more details on what is available here
  • callback(err, data) - a function to be called when the request is completed. data is either the parsed result of the request, or an array of results, or an object mapping the results to the request keys, depending on the value of url.


Creates an service consumer using serviceUrl as the root. The returned function is just like imbibe, but the url argument only has to be a path relative to serviceUrl, rather than an absolute url.

  • serviceUrl the service root url. For example, 'http://localhost:6023'. If you add a trailing slash, remember that all of the paths you use on the resulting function should not have a leading slash.