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A library and command line tool written in golang for interacting with Integrated Lights Out(iLO) devices.


This is a port of my existing python library ilo-utils to golang so that:

  1. Get familiar with golang.
  2. Reduce the need for runtime libraries and having python versions installed. This is important because those running the command might not be used to installing and configuring Python. Distributing as a binary is probably a better strategy.
  3. Possibly provide better performance. Performance is pretty good right now, this is just one of those things that would be extra nice.


In order to port over the existing cli, I will be doing the following:

  1. Writing an iLO test server in go. This will allow me to write more go code, and to have something that will behave like an iLO server.
  2. Verify that the existing CLI works against this test server by spinning up several containers and having them run these test servers.
  3. Write the new ilo package and ilo-sweep command in go.

Test Server

Since I no longer have access to a Server with ILO. This project contains a test server. This test server allows us to test the ilo-sweep command by running the test server on multiple docker containers. This server will also listen on port 17988 so we can test if that port is open from a port sweeping capability. A docker-compose.yml has also been included so that we can easily spin up 3 test boxes with:

docker-compose up -d
docker-compose scale server=3


Deploying Test Instances

docker-compose up -d
docker-compose scale server=3

Rebuilding Code

docker-compose build

Testing commands

docker-compose run --rm sweep ilo-sweep


A golang ilo repository



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