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toml ripoff of json-server, using LuaSocket



lua server.lua [TOML FILE]


Create a server.toml file

id = 1
title = "toml-server"
author = "jonstoler"

id = 1
body = "some comment"
postId = 1

Start TOML Server (it will automatically update if you change your toml file)

toml-server server.toml

Now if you go to http://localhost:3000/posts/1, you'll get

id = 1
author = "jonstoler"
title = "toml-server"

TOML Server only processes GET requests.


Based on the previous server.toml file, here are all the available routes.

GET /posts
GET /posts/1
GET /posts/1/id
GET /posts/1/title
GET /posts/1/author
GET /comments
GET /comments/1
GET /comments/1/id
GET /comments/1/body
GET /comments/1/postId

There are also built-in special routes in the underscore directory:

GET /_/kill -> kills the server
GET /_/dump -> dumps the contents of your toml file, unprocessed


toml-server is licensed under The Happy License.


Congratulations, you’ve got something with the best licence ever.

Basically, you’re free to do what you want with it; as long as you do something 
good (help someone out, smile; just be nice), you can use this on anything you 

Of course, if it all breaks, it’s totally not the author’s fault.


By attaching this document to the given files (the “work”), you, the licensee, 
are hereby granted free usage in both personal and commerical environments, 
without any obligation of attribution or payment (monetary or otherwise). The 
licensee is free to use, copy, modify, publish, distribute, sublicence, and/or 
merchandise the work, subject to the licensee inflecting a positive message 
unto someone. This includes (but is not limited to): smiling, being nice, 
saying “thank you”, assisting other persons, or any similar actions percolating 
the given concept.

The above copyright notice serves as a permissions notice also, and may 
optionally be included in copies or portions of the work.

The work is provided “as is”, without warranty or support, express or implied. 
The author(s) are not liable for any damages, misuse, or other claim, whether 
from or as a consequence of usage of the given work.