A collection of simple games built with the LOVE game framework.
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RetroLove is a collection of simple games built on the LOVE game framework.

Getting Started

Follow the LOVE setup instructions here: Getting Started - LOVE

Playing RetroLove

Open the src folder with LOVE, or optionally, follow the instructions below to create a .love file.


Objective: Shoot the asteroids to destroy them before they destroy you.

Keyboard Controls:

  • Rotate Left: Left Arrow
  • Rotate Right: Right Arrow
  • Thrust: Up Arrow
  • Shoot: Spacebar
  • Pause / Start: Enter

Touch Controls (Android/iOS only):

  • Rotate Left: Bottom Left Corner, Left Button
  • Rotate Right: Bottom Left Corner, Right Button
  • Thrust: Bottom Right Corner, Left Button
  • Shoot: Bottom Right Corner, Right Button
  • Pause / Start: Top Center


Objective: Keep the ball bouncing and destroy the colored blocks.

Keyboard Controls:

  • Move Left: Left Arrow
  • Move Right: Right Arrow
  • Pause / Start: Enter

Touch Controls (Android/iOS only):

  • Move Left: Left Side
  • Move Right: Right Side
  • Pause / Start: Top Center


Objective: Bounce the ball into your opponent's goal while defending your own.

Keyboard Controls:

  • Move Up: Up Arrow
  • Move Down: Down Arrow
  • Pause / Start: Enter

Touch Controls (Android/iOS only):

  • Move Up: Top Corner (Left or Right)
  • Move Down: Bottom Corner (Left or Right)
  • Pause / Start: Top Center

Building RetroLove

On Windows you can use the build.cmd script to create a retrolove.love file.

Copyright (c) 2017-2018 Jon Thysell