forked version of the original com_localise for experimental purposes
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This component was originally created by:

Yoshiki Kozaki, Mohammad Hasani Eghtedar,Christophe Demko, Jean-Marie Simonet and Ifan Evans.

We (the Joomla! Internationalisation Working Group) are forking it for experimental purposes.

If you want to join the effort please contact us!

Travis Status

Master: Build Status

Develop: Build Status

Scrutinizer Status

Scrutinizer Code Quality

The goal

With the new com_localise we are trying to solve the following needs:

  • the tool should help to automate the releases of language packages and sends them to the download page, language update servers...
  • the tool should help to warn translators (maybe e-mail them) when new strings when the main en-GB files get changed in the blessed repository
  • the tool could be flexible enough that allows translators to work with their preferred translation tool: com_localise, transifex, crowdin...
  • the tool could be Git based, but on it's base, not in it's interface (because translators are not necessarily developers)
  • and maybe, the tool could become something that can be used too by 3rd party extension developers to want to get support from the Joomla community translating their open source solutions. Something like JED, maybe?

Todo's (Tasks)


System Tests

See testing documentation for the system tests at tests/system/


All PHP files except for layout files (located in a /tmpl directory) should be formatted to follow the Joomla! Coding Standards. These are validated by using PHP_CodeSniffer. You can run the PHP_CodeSniffer in one of the following manners:

  • Using Ant:
    • From the command line, you can use Ant by running ant -f .travis.xml from the repository root
  • Using Phing:
    • From the command line, you can use Phing by running phing -f .travis.xml from the repository root
  • PHP Script:
    • From the command line, you can run a custom PHP script by running php .travis/phpcs.php from the repository root
    • To use this script, you must have Composer installed on your system and must run the composer install command from the repository root
    • This is the script utilized by Travis-CI


Joomla 3.3 or above is needed to run this component.

Extension packager

There are two available ways to package the extension a PHING packager xml file (requires PHING) and a *nix shell script:

Phing packager

A PHING build file can be found at build/build.xml. After executing it you will have an installable .zip file under build/packages.

Shell script for *nix systems

To package, on a *nix system, navigate to the build folder and run ./ When complete, you will have an installable .zip file under build/packages.

Testing with Codeception

Codeception is a testing framework built in PHP, you can know more about it at We use Codeception for System Testing com_localise.

There are two ways to get and run codeception, via PHAR or via Composer.


Get codeception phar:


Build codeception testers classes:

php ./codecept.phar build

using composer to get Codeception


# You need to have Composer in your system, if not download it from here:
composer update

After that you will be able to run Codeception doing:

php vendor/codeception/codeception/codecept build

Runing the tests

Rename tests/acceptance.suite.dist.yml to tests/acceptance.suite.yml

Modify the configuration at tests/acceptance.suite.yml to fit your server details. Find the instructions in the same file:

Run Selenium server:

# Download
curl -O

# And start the Selenium Server
java -Xms40m -Xmx256m -jar /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/selenium/selenium-server-standalone-2.41.0.jar

Execute the tests:

php codecept.phar run

; Or with --steps to see a step-by-step report on the performed actions.
php codecept.phar run --steps

; Or with --html. This command will run all tests for all suites, displaying the steps, and building HTML and XML reports. Reports will be store in tests/_output/ directory.
php codecept.phar run --html

Firefox Addons

To generate tests really fast you can use these firefox addons:

  • Selenium IDE (records your screen)
  • Selenium IDE Codeception Formatter (Export your Selenium IDE test to Codeception language)